The Argyle Room


One of Sydney’s premier venues having played host to some of the biggest product launches and parties in memory, the Argyle Hotel’s function team are elite at ensuring more then just a successful function, but an experience never to be forgotten. With 6 separate areas to choose from, as well as the ability to book the entire venue, the Argyle can cater for functions of all sizes. Whatever the occasion, be it corporate or social, seated or cocktail style, the team at the Argyle will assist you every step of the way. To findo out more about what the Argyle has to offer, please contact us and speak to one of our consultants.


Benefits of DJ Hire Melbourne

Benefits of DJ Hire Melbourne
When having an event, letting the good times roll is what makes it more memorable. The best way to savor the time of your life is through dancing away to the melodious songs on the playlist. In order to give your guests that good time, getting DJ hire Melbourne services will be the way to go.

Most providers of DJ hire Melbourne opt to bring their own equipment for lighting. The colorful LED lights create an experience that is psychedelic and turn the venue into one smoky, hot dance floor. You can just imagine how delighted your guests will be when different colored flashes of light rays slice a semi lit venue as they dance along.

Another great advantage brought about by GS DJ hire Melbourne is the sound system that they bring along. Supposing you want to turn the atmosphere of your venue to that of a nightclub, you will require a superior quality sound system equipped with bass woofers and big speakers. The sound output brought about by the hired DJ is clear and loud. This makes the pulsating and thumping music to reverberate throughout the whole venue.

Given that the DJ hire Melbourne services come with their own equipment, it makes you to worry less about having to incur additional arrangements and expenses. The DJ that you choose will also bring along his own mixing equipment and various playlist that you can choose from. The DJ can also serve as an MC and make special announcements or give directions.

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The Process of Having Cord Blood Banking Done

The Process of Having Cord Blood Banking Done

When you have a child, one of the most commonly asked things that you’ll get is if you’ll be doing cord blood banking. Going with cord blood banking can be a lot more beneficial than you might think, and it can either be done for your own benefit or for another person’s benefit. The idea of having cord blood banked away might seem a bit weird to the average person, but the vital stem cells found within the umbilical cord can be used to treat many diseases and even some types of cancers, making it a vital nutrient for anyone who requires it.

Many parents who are considering cord blood banking at Cell Care might want to know what the process is like and what they need to know. First and foremost, the stem cells from the cord will be collected shortly after the birth of your child and the actual removal of the cells is not at all painful for the baby or for you either. These stem cells will then be shipped away to a facility that solely deals with cord blood banking so that they can safely be frozen and used for later on in your own life or another person’s.

You can choose to do cord blood banking for your own benefit or you can even donate the stem cells for scientific use or the use of other people who might require them for treatment of a disease or cancer. Knowing what the process is like and what other things to expect is essential, so make sure to talk about this with your doctor if you are seriously considering it for yourself. Facilities that freeze stem cells from cord blood are professional and incredibly reliable, so they are the first choice for anyone who is looking to do this.